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Our Expert Advisors (automated trading systems)

Bellow, please find our best own developed fully automated systems which bring you great profit value with a minimum manual effort and FX market knowledge.

You can use the automated systems for unlimited time period and two MetaTrader4 account numbers. For bulk purchases, please contact our support team (Live Support section).

Currently, we offer two excellent automated trading systems:


StatsTrader - Trade the chart patterns and gain huge profits with comparably small risk

StatsTrader is our most recent system and we are sure it is also the greatest of all our previously released systems. This system is based on finding given chart patterns and statistically analysing their historical profitabilities.

Basically, the systems constantly goes through the following 3 steps

1. it checks the current chart if it matches one of the set patterns
2. it goes through the historical data and analyses the probability of future price action followed by such pattern
3. if the statistical probability is robust enough, then it opens a new trade

Simply, we look at the current chart. Then we find the similar patterns in the history and look where the price usually went after such pattern occured. By counting the statistical probabilites we then decide wheter the historical price action is robust enough to believe that the price would go up or down. If yes, we open a new trade. If not, we wait for future market movements.


Why should You purchase this Expert Advisor?

  • very modern method based on historical profitability and statistical probability
  • simply to use even for absolute beginners on FX market
  • start with as low as 500 - 1000 USD and still stay at low risk
  • enormous profit-maiking capability and low risk comparing to possible profits
  • profit raises exponentially with the "growth-management" feature
  • risk is fully under Your control, choose from different risk settings
  • NO martingale, NO grid system
  • very frequent trading activity - 2 trades daily on average
  • all-time history backtests
  • LOW price everyone can afford

How much profit can You expect?

  • even with low risk and starting with just 1000 USD, historical profit is 60 000 % with just 18 % drawdown in 15 years history
  • are You for high risk? historical gains are as high as 4 000 000 % with 53 % drawdown in 15 years history 
  • or use any risk in between to reflect Your risk aversion degree

Bellow, please see the historical results of StatsTrader EA. One column is for "low budget" traders with just 1000 USD starting capital and one column is for "standard budget" traders with 10 000 USD starting capital. Also, You can see how the system behaves under different risk settings. Click on the charts to see the detailed reports.



Initial Investment 1000 USD

Initial Investment 10000 USD

Low Risk

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

Medium Risk

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

High Risk

Detailed Report

Detailed Report


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iBOT AutoTrading System

As the results of our recently released iBOT indicator are very good, we have also developed a new unique system based on this indicator.

NOTE: To learn more about iBOT indicator and so to learn more about how the AutoTrading system also works, please visit the iBOT indicator link HERE.

We have pre-optimized the system to work on EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs, however, You can also do Your own optimization and trade any other pair or CFD of Your choice.


Why should You try this Expert Advisor?

  • basic package is simply to use even for absolute beginners on FX market
  • you can trade virtually any currency pair, commodity or any CFD
  • upto 300 % profit per year and fully managable Value At Risk - choose from different risk settings
  • inbuild "growth-management" feature
  • NO martingale, NO grid system, NO adding to position
  • 1 - 2 trades daily on each pair


Bellow, please find the historical results of iBOT AutoTrading System based on different risk exposure.


GBP/USD pair

EUR/USD pair

Fix Lots (low risk)

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

Increasing Lots (low to medium risk)

Detailed Report

Detailed Report

Increasing Lots (high to ultra-high risk)

Detailed Report

Detailed Report


Do You like the peformance of our iBOT AutoTrading System and would like to try it on Your account? We have prepared an extensive range of options from beginners to trading experts and also for software coders or/and resellers. The price ranges from as low as 99 USD for standard package incl. trading eurusd and gbpusd pairs to 499 USD for the full mq4 source code of iBOT AutoTrading System.



Best For


Best For


Best For


LifeTime License

Optimized for EUR/USD and GBP/USD pairs

All other pairs available (to be optimized by trader)

Full mq4 source code

QDSteam Support


Standard Package (max 3 MT4 numbers)


199 USD


299 USD


999 USD



Exclusive Package (unlimited MT4 numbers)

249 USD

349 USD

999 USD