• great tools for your manual trading


Bellow, select from our own in-house developed and well tested indicators which will bring your forex trading to several levels up. Each indicator includes the instruction manual and if you purchase any of the indicator, you will also receive our full installation and settings support.

You can use the indicators for unlimited time period and two MetaTrader4 account numbers. For bulk purchases, please contact our support team (Live Support section).

iBOT v2.0 - IntraDay BreakOut Trading Indicator - exact BUY/SELL signals and proved historical profitability

Any pair or other CFD, this indicator is very easy to read. It calculates the abilility of given currency to continue breaking out and/or predicts when the current breakout is about to fade. It consists of two lines aligned in daily blocks. Each line...


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SurfX v3.0 FUTURE & Signals - look in the future and get entry signals and SL level - Never Repaints

Surf the Forex waves with this amazing analytical tool as a professional trader.

As You know, any financial market moves in waves, smaller or bigger. SurfX indicator analyses the past and current wave size and strength, forecasts the new wave formation and current wave break...

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PipsPicker Signal  indicator - exact Entry AND Exit signals incl. auto-optimisation feature

No room for human errors anymore. This indicator will show You the exact easy-to-read entry and exit signals. Automatically optimises itself for any currency pair, commodity or any other CFD. Bring Your manual trading to perfection with this great tool.


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TrendCloud indicator

Buy the dips and Sell the rips as a professioanl trader.

TrendCloud indicator is a great tool in recognising trend directions and its strength. It is trader's essential assistant in defining the approximate load zone and also helps with setting the stoploss.

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qSwing Meter v2.0  -   indicator with in-build profit counter, auto recommended settings, arrow + sound signals

Any pair or other CFD, any timeframe. This is the indicator you were looking for! It combines several great features which will greatly enhance you trading skills and results! You know exactly how profitable was the indicator in the past...


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Scalp It! indicator

ScalpIT indicator is a very accurate and easy to follow indicator based on analysing the price patterns and the current trend. Upon its calcualtions it forecasts the future market movement.

Simply follow the green and red bars. Once drawn, it does not repaint!

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rDet FX Arrow indicator - revolutionary optimization feature

rDet Channel Signal Indicator is our latest in-house made product and as such it is sort of revolutionary among all the indicators offered on the market. This indicator includes the auto-optimization process which results in a clear recommendation for the indicator settings.


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regTrend AVG indicator

the regTrend AVG indicator calculation is based on regressing the current market trend and its output is the area of the possible pullback of the current trend. It consists of two lines:

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xTreme Meter indicator

Are You somtimes confused which direction the market goes in? Would You like to know the temporary trend bottom or top? And is the current trend likely to continue? Our eXtreme Fx Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform will help you! It uses the sophisticated statistical methods based on the regresion analysis to assess the current market conditions.

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Bulls vs. Bears indicator

Are You somtimes confused which direction the market goes in? Our Bulls vs. Bears Power Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform will help you! It calculets the trend direction and its strength.

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GetYourLots calculator

Improve Your risk management discipline with our GetYourLots calculator. One of the basic rules You should follow when trading the FX market is that you should not risk more than 3 - 5 % of your account equity within one single trade. Our GetYourLots in-house indicator will help you to quickly calculate the maximum amount of Lots of your next trade given the StopLoss level and intended risk.

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Dynamic Support & Resistance Lines indicator

Are You trying to improve Your TakeProfit and StopLoss levels? Have You ever wondered why the market suddenly changes direction at given levels? Our Dynamic Support and Resistance Lines Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform will help you! It comes out from the basic known pivot calculation but it is enhanced by our experienced trading team to better reflect the market dynamics.

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DayRange Band FX indicator

This is a very nice tool for both, trend and range traders. Use this great indicator as an entry point of Your trades or easily set your TakeProfit and StopLoss on a daily basis! The DayRange Band FX sets the possible points of reverse/exhaustion of a daily trend (during the trending market) and a range band (during the ranging market). It is based on the ATR and other similar mechanisms and it dynamicaly adapts to current market development.

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