rDet Signal Arrow Indicator

rDet Channgel Signal Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform

A Brand New in-house tool with optimization feature for Your manual trading



Are You familiar with the situation when the indicators you use are sometimes profitable and sometimes not? This is because the FX market changes all the time. The very profitable tools are suddenly loosers and vice versa.

rDet Channel Signal Indicator is our latest in-house made product and as such it is sort of revolutionary among all the indicators offered on the market. This indicator includes the auto-optimization process which results in a clear recommendation for the indicator settings. This recommendation reflects the most possible profitable trades based on the history of previous three months and is valid for the period of current month.

Receive the clear trading signals in the form of green(buy) and red(sell) arrows in just 3 easy steps.

  • Open a new currecy pair chart and timeframe of your choice
  • Put on the indicator optimization script - optimization starts automatically. When the optimization is finished, the most profitable setting is found and the values for the given currency pair and timeframe are saved automatically.
  • Put the indicator itself on the chart. If you choose the auto setting, then the saved parameters are uploaded. You can also set the parameters manually at your discretion.

Now, just wait for the signals! All the arrow signals are non-repainting as long as you don't change the settings.

Each signal itself is based on the settings and the rDet Channel Indicator values. You can see these values in the form of three lines in a separate indicator window bellow the main chart. These lines are always non-repaint and represent the basis for the signal calculation.

  • White line is the main line and represents the basic normalized (-100 - 100) trend strength through the whole calculation period
  • Red line represents the most rising uptrend through the given calculation perioid.
  • Green line represents the most descending downtrend through the given calculation perioid.

The signals can only be triggered when white line touches the red or green line. At which direction and if at all is the signal eventually given depends on the indicator's parameters set (Parameter 1 is Trigger Value and Parameter 2 is Trend). These parameters, as described above, can be set either at your own discretion or on the basis of the auto-optimization process.

This indicator can be used on any currency pair and timeframe. We recommend using the timeframe of 30 minutes and higher.

 The item will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after receiving the payment and registering the MT4 accounts. This indicator is to be used on live or demo accounts and for the unlimited time.



    Can be Yours for 70 USD 29.90 USD