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Bulls vs. Bears Power

 Our Bulls vs. Bears Power indicator for MetaTrader4 platform

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Are You somtimes confused which direction the market goes in?

Our Bulls vs. Bears Power Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform will help you! It calculets the trend direction and its strength. Its main features are:

  • Each time the indicator calculates 2 lines, green for the bulls (uptrend) and red for the bears (downtrend)
  • If the red line crosses the green line, then the possible trend shift from uptrend to down trend may be in play, and vice versa
  • The bigger the difference between the red and green lines, the bigger trend strength in either direction
  • The biggest fight between the bulls and bears begins at the time when red and green lines are close together
  • You will receive two different types of this indicator - 1) the MultiDay BvB and 2) the intraday BvB which calculates the bulls and bears power within the current day from 00.00


This indicator is to be used on live or demo accounts and for the unlimited time. This indicator can be used on any currency pair or commodity type and any timeframe (the intraday BvB only daily timeframe or less)


29.90 USD

Can be Yours just for 19.90 USD