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GetYourLots calculator

GetYourLots indicator for MetaTrader4 platform

A great in-house tool for Your manual trading risk management

Improve Your risk management discipline with our GetYourLots calculator.

One of the basic rules You should follow when trading the FX market is that you should not risk more than 3 - 5 % of your account equity within one single trade. Our GetYourLots in-house indicator will help you to quickly calculate the maximum amount of Lots of your next trade given the StopLoss level and intended risk.

Get the maximum Lots amount recommendation for your next trade by two simple steps:

  • enter the maximum percentage of your account equity you are willing to lose in a single trade (you can also set the absolute amount in your account's currency)
  • double-click the bold Yellow line and drag it to Your desired StopLoss level (see the example picture above)

Based on this information, our GetYourLots indicator will quickly calculate the maximum amount of Lots you should use in order not to lose more than the percentage/absolute value set.

The item will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after receiving the payment.


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