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DSRLfX indicator

Our Dynamic Support and Resistance Lines indicator for MetaTrader4 platform

A fascinating tool for Your manual trading

Are You trying to improve Your TakeProfit and StopLoss levels? Have You ever wondered why the market suddenly changes direction at given levels?

Our Dynamic Support and Resistance Lines Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform will help you! It comes out from the basic known pivot calculation but it is enhanced by our experienced trading team to better reflect the market dynamics. Its main features are:

  • Every day at 1400 GMT the indicator calculates 12 basic numbers/lines
  • The calculation is based on the last 5 trading days price development and reflects the most important chart levels and price pattern dynamics
  • The nearest lines from the current market price are highlighted as current support and resistance lines (green and red)
  • Either use our lines as market entry level (or a confirmation of other indicators you use) or as a TakeProfit or StopLoss levels of your trades.
  • You will be fascinated how accurate these levels are and how precisely the price bounces from our lines

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Can be yours for 49.90 USD