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qSwing Meter indicator

qSwing Meter v2.0    forex Indicator for MetaTrader4 platform


ANY pair or commodiy, ANY timeframe

now with auto recommendation of optimal value settings

...another example on GBPUSD M30 chart. Here you would make 259 pips since end of April...

Swing Meter indicator v2.0 update!
Now, You don't have to search for the best settings value manually. For each currency pair and timeframe combination, the indicator will always suggest the best settings to maximize Your profit. On the chart bellow, You see that the recommended settings value is located in the brackets on the Swing_Length parameter value line.


This is the indicator you were looking for! It combines several great features which will greatly enhance you trading skills and results!

With qSwing Meter indicator you will get a charting tool which offers:

* easy-to-read line indicator bellow the main chart
* clear signals in the form of red/green arrows
* accurate information on the previous profit based on the current settings
* just a single value settings. Set this value simply to maximize the past profit
* recommended settings value to maximize Your profit on each pair/timeframe combination

Nothing can be more simple and helpful...

Any timeframe (only beware of spread and commision cost!), any currency pair or commodity



Payments accepted by PayPal any credit/debit card.


This is an electronic item. It will be sent by e-mail within 24 hours after receiving the payment and registering the MT4 accounts.


* This indicator is to be used on live or demo accounts and for the unlimited time !!!

* You can register upto 3 different real money/demo accounts on a single license (a new account number can be changed or add anytime free of charge)

* Our support team will assist you with the understanding of this indicator.


Can be Yours just for 84.90 USD